Taking Time For Yourself + Some Ideas

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hey guys! It's been so ridiculously long since I posted on here but I started working full time and I have tons of books to read for my college class that I'm taking. I've had basically no time for anything.

(now disclaimer that this post will probably be a bit jumbled because I just had an anxiety attack and I'm just writing how things come out without any major edits.)

I have learned over the years that time for myself, where I can do things that I want to do instead of have to do, is mandatory. I'm absolutely not one of those people who can just go-go-go and work all the time. I have NO IDEA how people can do that. Even working 9-5 Monday - Friday is honestly a bit much for me. When I don't find time for myself I shut down. Crying, anxiety attacks, etc. It's just not good.

Also my boss sucks and he's the reason for tonight's anxiety attack so there's that.

Mental health is SO important!

So here are some idea's for things to do for yourself:

  1. Read a book (that doesn't HAVE to be read for something)
  2. Take a bubble bath (okay so I've never used a bath bomb but those things look heavenly and I think I need some)
  3. Browse Pinterest
  4. Watch Youtube videos (funny, cute, vlogs, etc. So much to choose from)
  5. Organize something (desk, room, etc)
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Do some Yoga
  8. Write in a journal
  9. Color (My current favorite coloring book is this one!)
  10. Cook
  11. Bake
  12. Draw
  13. Stretch
  14. Write a letter
  15. Learn about something you're interested in
  16. Take some photos
  17. Play with your pet
  18. Watch a movie
  19. Catch up on or start a new TV show
  20. Paint Your Nails (why not have a home spa day? Bath, nails, facial?)
  21. Take a Nap
  22. Find some new music
  23. Exercise (endorphins are awesome. Plus I know I feel so much better when I am regularly exercising)
  24. Learn a new skill
  25. Lay down and listen to music

So this is all I have off the top of my head right now but I would LOVE for you guys to add some of your own ideas down in the comments!


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