The Final Book of the Book of Delmar Series is Out!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

You know when you're like totally ready for bed and have your laptop put away and then go "OMG I FORGOT" uh yeah, that's what just happened to me. I should have had this post up hours ago. uhg.

ANYWAYS, The very last book of the Book of Delmar Series by the amazing Heidi Peltier came out TODAY! The book is called Home and I cannot wait to read it.

Look at this sweet cover:

What is the book about? Read on.

Her son has been kidnapped. Her enraged husband blames her and walks out. The sharks are swarming around the island. Bombshells continue to fall on Queen Terra in this explosive final installment of The Book of the Delmar series. She must call upon all of her resources to guide her island and its people through this firestorm, but how can she possibly heal her wounded heart? 

The search for Prince Mako is on, and the question of how to appease the beast remains, as always, unanswerable...or is it? Join the Delmars as they fight to fulfill the terms of their contract to the legendary beast and hopefully, find peace at last.

Doesn't it sound great?! You can purchase a kindle version of the book on Amazon using this link. It's only $2.99 to buy it or if you have kindle unlimited (as I wish I did...) you can read it for free. Such a great deal!

Keep up with Heidi and her work at the following links:


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