The Delmar Shark Chronicles is Now The Book of the Delmar!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hey guys!
 One of my favorite book series that I have reviewed The Delmar Shark Chronicles is being rereleased TODAY under a new name! The Series is now known as The Book of the Delmar which sounds super cool. Book one is now called The Legend of Shark Island!

Is there a new description to go with the new name? You know it!
The Royal Delmar family is bound by an oath to protect the people and the island of Isola di Squalo.  A legendary beast ensures they do.
Dylan Murphy only came to the Mediterranean to study sharks, but an early-run in with Princess Terra Delmar destroys his plans and entangles him in her family's mystery. A simple swim off the island's coast puts him face to face with a giant shark and changes his destiny.  The return of the beast means trouble for the Delmars. How far will Dylan go to help them?

And you all know how much I love to make you wait for a cover reveal... Click Read More below!
I myself am loving this new cover and I hope you all do to!





Today is not only Princess Terra's birthday but also the amazing author of the Book of  the Delmar series, Heidi Peltier!! Make sure to wish them a happy birthday today!!


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