Monday, February 8, 2016

A little while back (a month maybe?) Andrea Waltz sent me book 2 in the Onyx Webb series. As much I wanted to read it right away and read it straight through, I could not do that for a variety of reasons. So I read the book over a few days and was able to finish it the past Saturday. Since I've decided I am no longer working on the blog/answering emails on the weekends, Today is the day to post my review.

You can read my review for book one here. 

I love sequels because I hate goodbyes. Seeing characters again makes me SO happy. When Andrea emailed me and asked if I wanted to read book 2 I was like UM YES PLEASE. Am I rambling? I'm totally rambling.

Moving on.

Book two picks up where book one left off. Throughout the book you see the same characters and meet some new ones. Of course just like when reading the first book, whenever two stories connected I had to put the book down for a second and stare into space while whispering ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh. Then I get back to reading and lose myself in the world once again. Each of the characters has their own unique voice and they are all set in their own time periods but they all connect in some way and good job, Richard and Andrea, because it blows my mind.

Honestly if I wasn't doing so many other things I could have easily read this straight through. The stories all flow together so well and connect and really makes you not want to stop reading.

I typically don't read books with so much suspense and mystery and things the could totally give me nightmares if I happened to read it before bed, but I can not get enough of this series. Twists and turns that I never saw coming, characters that work SO well in their individual stories as well as the book as a whole. You need to read this book!

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads.

xo Caitlyn

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