Book Review: Hero is a Man by Nix Whittaker

Sunday, December 6, 2015

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I was asked to review Hero is a Man by Nix Whittaker.

Official synopsis from goodreads:

Misha has never met someone like Halcyon. His world had always been the city neighborhood he had grown up in. He kept his nose clean and he stayed out of trouble. The blue haired little genius was anything but peaceful as she draws him into a world of science that is so worlds ahead of everyone else it seems like magic. But Misha is ready for some magic in his life, he isn't so sure the crazy inventor was ready for him.

Halcyon has found the secret to bringing the most out of the human potential, only she has to guard her secrets from unscrupulous gangs who threaten to take over the neighborhood and the state. She has no idea what to do with the very large man that has volunteered to be her guinea pig. Why can't people just leave her alone.

Together they have to learn whether they are man enough to be heroes.

This book is set pretty far in the future which for some reason is always really fun to read. Maybe because it's cool to see what other people think could happen in the future? What big events they can make up? 

Two stories are actually told in this book. One at the beginning of each chapter in italics and then the rest of the book is dedicated to Misha and Halycon's story (and supporting characters).  Eventually these two stories come together and you find out the connection. My reaction was basically OMG. Then again if I was smarter I would have probably made the connection before it spells it out for you. I mean, I'm smart but apparently not that smart. Whatever. 

These characters (Mainly Halycon, Misha, and Natasha), are so darn loveable. They all have qualities that make them unique but they get along so well. Halcyon basically sucks with people skills but she's still the best. Love her as a character. Smart girls are awesome. Also her parent's suck. Misha is such a great guy. Honestly don't know what else to say about him. He's amazing. Natasha is also really smart and she's sweet and I love how she just accepts Halcyon like pretty much right away. 

This book was such a great read. It did take me a while to finish it but only because of the reasons above. Whenever I would sit down to read I would get sucked in all over again. The story is GREAT. I love the idea of glyphs healing people and giving them strength. I love that it doesn't work on everybody. I love all the cool gadgets. 

Seriously loved this book. 

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