Book Review: The Expats by Chris Pavone

Thursday, April 2, 2015

*I received a free copy of this book through the blogging for books program in exchange for an honest review*

I recently got the chance to read The Expats by Chris Pavone and I decided now (at 1:30 am, go figure) would be the perfect time to post my review.

The Expats is a spy novel that follows Kate, a wife and mother, who is hiding a huge secret. When her husband announces that they are moving to Luxembourg for his job she thinks that she can get away from her past but things don't work out the way she plans.

This book is written so that it kind of jumps around from chapter to chapter. One chapter may be set in D.C. or Luxembourg and then the Next is another time in Paris. Because of this it was kind of difficult to keep up with at first but as you get into the book a bit more you can work it out and it isn't such a big deal.

I've always been fascinated by spies (Agent Cody Banks, anyone? Oh and what's that show with Piper What's-her-name? uh... Covert Affairs! Yup, that one.). They have such exciting lives and seriously how cool is it that they actually get to go undercover and take down the diamond smugglers and what not? Uhg I just love spies. 

Anyways, once I got passed all the jumping around, this book was so much fun. I loved trying to piece things together as I read and learning more and more about Kate's former life as the book went on. So many secrets, so little time. 

Writing: 4/5

total: 4.5/5

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