You'd Think We'd Be Good At This By Now

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My mom has been teaching kindergarten for 4 or 5 years now. Every year she decides that her word wall needs to be redone and recruits my friend and I to do it. In her first classroom we stood on chairs on top of tables. In her second classroom we stood on a built in desk/countertop surface. Now she is in her third classroom and what do we have to stand on?

This bookshelf. I've never measured it but I would say it's probably 10-11 inches deep. Maybe. Standing up there is as fun as it is terrifying. There is a reason I always take the side that I can sit down on. I'm the one with zero balance. 

Every year we take down the old word wall completely and start again with new backing paper. We put the border back up and "evenly" space all the letters in the alphabet. Every year our letters are crooked and unevenly spaced and we laugh in defeat. This year we taped out the size of the board on the floor, redid our math about 100 times because we kept getting it wrong, and eventually figured out how to evenly space the top row. The hard part is trying to hold them in place while you try and grab your stapler and then realize that you moved it and then have to grab your ruler and remeasure your spacing. It happens a lot. 

By the time we got to the second row of letters we had gotten smart enough to mark places with a pencil before we tried to staple them up. So much easier. We should have thought of that before. We also found out that part of the reason it never looks straight is the fact that my mom cut them all different heights! We always thought it was our fault!

This year was without a doubt the best looking one we have made yet. Definitely the straightest and most evenly spaced. I even made a diagram on a sticky note so I know the dimensions for next year. When I have to do it without my word wall buddy because she's leaving on her mission. 

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