Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I hate the dentist. It's not the people that work there, they're lovely. It's the nerves I get when I'm waiting to go back or sitting in the chair waiting for the dentist to tell me if I'm cavity free. 
Most of the time my worries are for nothing and I walk out of there perfectly fine and amazed that I once again got away with rarely flossing. 
Yesterday I wasn't so lucky. I made it to the dentist, went back, had x-rays, got my teeth cleaned, and then the dentist came in. 

And it all went downhill from there.

Apparently my lack of flossing finally caught up with me and I was told I had a cavity and a half. Basically. They decided to schedule another appointment for me later this week so they could do the fillings before I leave for school on Monday. Turns out, there are no open times that will work for me. So I turned around and walked right back in to the office and down the stairs. One big problem: I'm TERRIFIED of needles. I have panic attacks, pass out, etc. I forgot there would be needles involved and I started to go into panic mode when I saw them. Luckily, I was listening to music and was able to calm myself down enough to not go into a full panic attack. That would have been bad. 

The fillings didn't take long and I was back in the waiting room in no time. My mom had taken my fussie nephews for a drive and wasn't back yet. I didn't have my phone (I very stupidly left it in the car) so I sat in the waiting room and watched for her our the window for about 20 minutes. I was so happy to finally get out of there. 

The right side of my mouth was way more numb than the left side and I was having a real hard time eating or drinking anything. It took about 6 hours for all of the effects of the numbness to wear off but the pain had started long before then and I was miserable. 

I was supposed to go shopping with my grandma but the extra hour at the dentist messed up that plan. 

I encourage you all to floss your teeth because that sucked. 

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