Fiction Friday: Delphine by Heidi Peltier

Friday, August 1, 2014

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I'm back with another book from Heidi Peltier! Delphine is the second book in Heidi's "The Delmar Chronicles" series.

Delphine follows the story of young princess Delphine Delmar. Four years after the end of the first book (before the epilogue) and Delphine is searching for love. She has decided to go to school off the island and the school she chose just happens to be in Canada. She has a purple haired roommate, a bodyguard who follows her everywhere, she has to get used to the insanely cold weather that she never experienced back home. 

I was so excited to read more about Delphine and all the characters that I came to love in Isola di Squalo but I was also extremely frustrated for a lot of the book. Delphine is a hopeless romantic, as am I, but she is so naive I just wanted to grab her hand and lead her away like a child. She is so in love with the idea of love that she puts herself in situations that aren't good for her. She gets out of one bad relationship and rebounds right into another. When she finally started to figure it out I was so excited. 

Oh the boys.... I quickly fell in love with Gareth, something I didn't do with Phil and Jack. From the very first time Phil and Jack were mentioned I had a gut feeling that things weren't going to work with them. I was a little bit cautious with Gareth at first but by the end of their first meeting I was falling for him myself. 

Since the book is centered on Delphine, the characters from Isola di Squalo aren't the main focus but they are mentioned quite a bit and are definitely part of the story. Dylan and Terra are as perfect as always and I couldn't help but love Fedder even more than I did in the first book. The new Delmar family members in this book captured my heart as well. Such a lovable family. 

Delphine and Piper's friendship made me want to be there friend and have a friendship like theirs. Piper was so good for Delphine because she understood her and wanted what was best for her. She told her the truth even when it hurt and I loved that. 

Although I was frustrated with Delphine for quite a bit of the book, I actually did like it. Maybe not as much as I thought it would, but I really did like it. I never wanted to stop reading it, even though I had to at times and I did not want it to end. 

Make sure to come back this coming thursday, August 7th, for the cover reveal of the third book in "The Delmar Shark Chronicles" series! 
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