We're going to DIE in here {A trip to Ikea}

Monday, July 7, 2014

On the search for an extra long twin comforter and sheets for my dorm room where I will be moving into in less that two months (SAY WHAT???) my mom decided we should go to Ikea. Mom just so happens to be in Canada right now so my dear father and I jumped in the car this afternoon determined to find all we needed and make her proud. ha. ha. ha. No. Things didn't quite go the way we had planned. 

After talking to our neighbor in the new 2-story RC Willey, for like, a long time, we headed across the parking lot and into the biggest most confusing maze there ever was. Also known as Ikea. We walked in, got lost, wandered, found our way to an exit, and tried again. Dad remarked "If there was a fire, we would never get out of here." The scary truth, people. Dishes, more dishes, more dishes, seriously that store has a lot of dishes. Eventually we made our way to the bedding section. OH! That Minnie Mouse looking comforter is cute! Oh wait, no extra long twin. 10 minutes later. Maybe we should just go look at sheets. Twin. Full. Queen. King. No extra long twin. Okay, well let's ask this nice employee over here. We waited for her computer to boot up. She searched. The end conclusion? The extra long twins don't come in until the end of the month. Perfect timing for all the college bound kids to trample each other in hopes of getting one that they might like for a year, or semester. That news was disappointing. But the employee was extremely nice. I didn't see her name but thank you, kind lady working at Ikea this afternoon. 

After the devastating news the first thing my dad says is "Let's go get some cinnamon rolls." No one will ever doubt we're related. A few more minutes wandering, lusting over giant pictures of Paris *drooling*, and trying to get out, got us to the checkout area. We promptly walked right through and up to the ordering window at the food court. 2 hot dogs, a pack of fresh cinnamon rolls (extra icing of course), one bottled water, one fountain drink, and a milk chocolate bar. Somehow I got stuck with 4 of those items for the LOOONGGG walk to the car. Why did we park by RC Willey? Because it was near the entrance to both stores. 
Neither one of us remembered that it was no where near the exit. 

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