A letter to my (younger) self #1

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear little me,

Today you are 4 years old but in the blink of an eye you will be graduating from high school. Enjoy being little. Take advantage of the falling asleep in the car and having daddy carry you into the house. Fall asleep on moms lap in church and let her snuggle you to her hearts content.
Always be the first to apologize. When you fight with one of your friends say you are sorry and move on. You are too young to realize that those fights are nothing. Learn to apologize during the little fights and you will already know to when you get to the big ones.
Play with your friends all day and when your sister offers to deal with the kids who are mean to you, let her. If you don’t she won’t ever remember that at one point she stood up for you. Speaking of your sister, I know you think it’s fun to play with the big kids but she doesn’t want to share her friends with you. It’s okay. You may feel left out but hopefully she won’t resent you as much later. Give her friends a hug and go play with someone else.
Mom and dad are doing everything they can to get you to wear anything other than a dress. Stick to your ways. Live in dresses. That phase doesn’t last forever. They will look back and laugh and you will just smile. You still love dresses.
Try new things, it’s scary, I know. When mom takes you to ballet, try it. Sit in the circle, tell them your name, and make some friends. She forever wishes you would have stayed. Don’t be afraid of the spotlight. Learn to love it.
Mom loves your voice. She calls it your pixie voice. Talk to her. Tell her about your day. Tell her all about what you did in preschool this morning. Tell her that you love her, multiple times a day. Every time she does something for you, thank her, even if she just gave you a hug.
Always run to greet dad when he gets home from work. He’s had a long day. Give him a hug and tell him you love him. Tell him about your day, tell him how mommy did your hair and made you PB&J sandwiches for lunch.
  Don’t be afraid of the characters at Disneyland. They aren’t going to hurt you. Plus, pictures of you hiding behind mom and crying when you meet Minnie Mouse aren’t nearly as cute as pictures of hugs and kisses and pure excitement and happiness in your eyes. Convince mom and dad to watch the parades with you. They hate them but you don’t. Watch them. Learn the songs, wave to your favorite characters, and if you get the chance, dance in the street with the parade dancers.
Learn everything you can. Ask mom to take you to the library. Never leave without five books. Ask mom to read them to you. When you’ve read them all twice, go back and get more. Ask questions. Don’t you ever think a question is not worth asking. Don’t be afraid to not know something.  Learn.
Please don’t ever ever ever be too old for fairytales. They can always teach you something.
For now you are little but someday you will be big and you will look back on your life wishing you would have done things differently. Please don’t. You can’t change the past. Thinking about how you could have changed things will only make you sad. Just do the best you can.



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