5 Fun and Easy Activities To Do While Babysitting

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Babysitting can either be really fun or it can be really awful. Over the last 8 years since I first started babysitting I have discovered some fun, easy, and cheap(!) activities that I have had a lot of fun tih. I have tried these on various kids ages 1-10 and most, if not all, loved them so I hope they will be helpful for you too! 

  1. Dance Party: Turn on some music and dance! I like to pull out a camera and take some pictures and videos during this one. Always fun. 
  2. Color on a poster board or big piece of paper. Pull out the crayons and colored pencils (Markers too, if you are up for that) and let them go crazy!
  3. Silly pictures! I like to pull out my laptop or grab an iPad and open up Photo Booth. Kids love to goof off in front of the camera. Use the special effects!
  4. Make up a new game! Depending on the weather this can be done inside or outside. Create your own version of tag, make up a zombie game, create your own card or board game, etc. 
  5. Have a bike or scooter race! Use sidewalk chalk to draw your own track or find a mark to use as start and finish lines. Winner gets to choose the next activity.
  6. BONUS! Take some sidewalk chalk (Or look up a recipe for sidewalk paint) and color the driveway! 

If you have any fun activities that you like to do when you babysit I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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